Looking for an Inspection Company that cares about your project as much as you do? We utilize Multi-licensed Inspectors to provide more cost-effective inspections. We also offer experienced inspectors that care about what they do to minimize potential problems and ensure construction progress.

Our Deputy Inspectors are detail oriented and extremely knowledgeable. We work closely with Engineers, City Officials, Contractors, Superintendents, and Sub-contractors. We believe this has been the key for JCR Inspection Services' success.

JCR Inspector
Inspections We Offer
  • Concrete Inspections
  • Pre-Stress/Post Tension
  • Masonry Inspections
  • Welding & HS Bolt Inspections
  • NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) Ultrasonic
  • Fireproof Inspections
  • DSA - Division of State Architect Special Inspections
  • Geotechnical Engineering Services
  • Soils Inspections
  • Shearwall Diaphram/Nailing Inspections