JCR Inspection Services, Inc. is one of the foremost deputy inspection companies. In order to ensure the proper operation of our client's construction needs, we offer only the highest quality deputy inspectors. Juan Ramos - Owner JCR Inspection Services, Inc.

JCR Inspection Services, Inc. was incorporated by founder Juan Carlos Ramos in 2003. Whose extensive expertise on quality inspection services dates back to 1994. We are based out of Glendale, CA and provide services to the greater Los Angeles Basin, Ventura, Orange, Riverside, Fresno and San Diego counties. We are certified by the SBA as an 8(a), by the city of Los Angeles as an SBE, by the SCMBDC as an MBE and the DOT as a DBE.

Our principal objective is to fulfill our client's needs for deputy inspections and material testing. Our goal is to provide documentation assuring that project specifications and the intent of the engineers design team are achieved; ASTM requirements, UBC/ICC and local building code requirements are met.

Our Deputy Inspectors are detail oriented, multi-licensed and extremely knowledgeable. We strive to be the best by factoring quick, on time solutions that eliminate problems that can arise on any construction project. Being able to work closely with sub-contractors, superintendents, city officials and engineers to achieve a positive outcome on every project is our primary goal. We strongly believe that all these elements have been the key to JCR Inspection Services, Inc. success.

Our Deputy Inspectors are licensed through nationally recognized agencies, as well as, local jurisdictions performing the following inspection and material testing with our affiliated lab.

Deputy Inspector
Reinforced Concrete and Masonry
Post Tension Inspection
Shotcrete Placement
Drilled-In Anchor
Structural Steel Welding
Soils Inspection

Anchor Bolt Tension Test
Gunite Inspection
Epoxy Inspection
Non-destructive testing, Ultrasonic
Magnetic Practices and Liquid-Dye
Shear Wall Diaphragm/Nailing Inspection
Methane Barrier


Inspection and material testing is our business and we value quality service, professionalism and integrity.